I appreciate this resource; I utilized very little MIDI (or, really, computers at all) with my stage and studio work until I bought a Seaboard -- now it's a major part of my setup, and I love it, but it's been quite a learning curve.

I do wish ROLI would bridge the gap a bit between their bedroom producer/hobbyist iOS apps and their more professional desktop synthesizers. I wound up with a Macbook and Mainstage in my live rig because their Noise and Seaboard 5D apps are such inflexible, MIDI-proof demo versions of Equator, even though I fell in love with using the Seaboard to control third-party iOS apps like the Minimoog Model D and VOLT. Either way, making the most of the Seaboard's MPE while still using it to control more "standard" MIDI sounds has been a challenging (though rewarding) experience.

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