There was this recent thread about "your first pro cam" or something to that extend, so I looked at some of my "old" Sony HC3 High Definition Video fragments I have on hard drive. The cam's tape playing is no longer o.k., it has been used a lot, but it's a bit of a shame the mpg encoded digital tapes don't really play back well any more on the $1000+ camera, while a cheaper standard digital video cam (also from Sony) from years before this one still plays the old tapes fine.

Anyhow, I wanted to try my free copy of Blackmagic "Resolve 16.0" which I run an a heavy windows 10 pro machine with a barely but just adequate GTX7700 card on this old cam video, and here's the result of a simple "fragment on timeline with basic effect, no real color tuning, to high quality h264" and some added synthesizer sound:

I should find the accurate deinterlace and stretch settings (the cam makes 1080i50 with non-square pixels that need stretching to 16:9 aspect ratio), and get some more color mappings going, where Resolve shines with, but I thought this would be fun to share.