I've not heard of them before but, after YewTewbing various demo videos, all I can say is...well, okay.

I mean, they sound good using various settings (at least for the kind of music I play), but their main drive seems to be the distortion effect that you can achieve. I imagine it'd be perfect in a death-metal setting but probably not so much in a Beatles cover-band or to play surf-music. Country and Western are Right Out.

They have an impressive promo video on their website. Lots of flash, exciting music, sweeping camera angles of knobs, jacks, EQ sliders, cooling vents, little rubber feet. I almost expected a teeny-tiny Robert Downey Jr to stride out from behind the amp and start blowing stuff up.


Pretty thrilling, eh?

They didn't mention how it'll stand up to some yutz spilling beer on it at a bar gig. To me, that's a thing.

I'm sure that to some, like your buds, it's the Next Big Thing, but I see it more as a niche amp. Great if that's what you're looking for but definitely not for everyone.

Play. Just play.