So this is tangentially relevant to guitar playing.

I was working with an Xacto knife (which I've done for decades upon decades) and for the first time ever, it slipped. I basically drove it through the side of my fretting index finger and the tip came out through the nail. I'm not squeamish about anything, but this one got to me. Blood everywhere, and it just wouldn't stop. But the most alarming this was it didn't hurt. At all. But I couldn't worry about that at the moment because I was leaving red stains all over the house.

Fast forward 4 weeks to today. There was pain during the healing process as the swelling went down, and it has completely healed over. I can feel a tiny bit of scar tissue, but it's no big deal. What IS a big deal is that I can't feel at the fingertip. It's really numb to surface feel, and when I fret or put any other pressure on it, the feeling is - disconcerting. I think because I'm not getting enough feedback from my nerves, I feel like there is too much pressure on my fingertip and it feels like it could burst like a concorde grape. It's purely an illusion of perception. But it's definitely throwing me off.

Is this something that will heal? I'm assuming not. If not, is this something I will get used to? With the number of guitarists here, I have to assume that some of you have had similar issues with finger damage. It's even worse when I play keyboards, which is my main instrument.

"For instance" is not proof.