I've often listed the opening acts I've seen that went on to bigger and better things, but some of them seemed "odd" in that their particular brand of music wasn't anywhere near the type(in genre) of the headliner's. Like, you'd expect a rock'n'roll band to open for another, or even a "prog-rock" band. But back in the early '70's there were several concerts in which the opener was a complete different genre from the main act. Like The Mahavishnu Orhestra opening for Emerson, Lake and Palmer, or later for Frank Zappa.

Or at one time, the mostly(unheard of) Eagles opening for Mahavishnu, or a couple of years later, Jo Jo Gunne opening for Mahavishnu. Or....

The Eagles opening for YES, and( one I missed) YES opening for Black Sabbath!

And even though the concerts were enjoyable, I thought the mixes kind of odd. Any of ya seen these odd mixes too? And if yes, then what were they?