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How much is lower? Our dollar is set fairly stable now at the rate of approximately 75˘ against the Greenback and Euro. That means a $3500 USD keyboard at the current rate of exchange is $4600 CDN. This is before any CDN customs fees, brokerage fees, and cost of shipping.

Back when the US economy suffered in 2008/9 the CDN dollar was worth more than USD. That's about the only time I ever bought from Fort Wayne! I recall back in the 70's the better exchange rate changed places so often that we used to wait till the beginning of a US tour before requesting what funds we wanted to be paid in, but normally our dollar is worth less and that is what keeps trade in balance and tourism alive.

Earned and spent within your own border, a dollar is still a dollar, so a $10 tip from an American is $15 to me. I put away the cash for spending money in the States so I don't have to buy US dollars with my own money.

We have a free trade deal with the European Union and Asia Pacific on manufactured goods imported directly into Canada. These deals may not yet be in effect, I'm not sure. I do know the new NAFTA has yet to be ratified but not too many goods are made in the USA any more so the North American duties need to be paid, usually by the USA, when the cargo lands in LA or NY or wherever the port of entry. At least this is how I've come to understand it.

Euro has been stable at about $1.12 to $1.15 fo awhile. May look small but thats another 15% delta to your $C.

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