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Would anyone here be able to give me a direct comparison of this new smart action vs the Korg RH3 action? Iím caught between the S1000 and the D1

Korg's RH3 is much more consistent from back to front - because of longer key pivot. That's why Korg D1 is 10 lbs heavier than the Casio. I consider RH3 middle tier action, similar to Yamaha's GH. Casio is closer to Yamahas' entry level GHS.

So if feel is more important - Korg D1, if weight is more important - Casio. D1 has a midi jack btw, which is missing on Cassios. (if that's important).

EDIT: I'm assuming that Casio CDP and Privia's actions are mechanically the same, because I've only played the CDP model.

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