I can't really enter this conversation in any meaningful way, because the topic so ticks me off.

You see, I am quite lucky to live in an area that is quite possibly one of a dozen or so around the world that simply do NOT play to conventions. So it is a moot point here.

So-called "classical music" sells out consistently here, and audiences are younger each year. I think that is either testimony to the approach taken (it is an evolving art form, like jazz and indeed pop/rock/etc.), or possibly a reflection of a more open-minded and worldly population group.

The anti-elitist in me says it can't be the second, and that therefore a bit more daring on the part of other programmers might increase their audiences accordingly.

Possibly L.A. has been taking a lead from S.F. the past few years, based on the programming of the LA Opera under Placido Domingo, and even the LA Phil (though we are lucky enough to get their former conductor and now composer, Esa-Pekka Salonen, as the leader of the SFO when MTT retires).

My brother in Boston can vouch for how conservative NYC is as he goes there several times a month (though mostly for ballet, which is a passion shared by the whole family). Boston itself is kind of half-rigid, half-flexible, depending on the specific performing arts organization in question.

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