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I didn't read the article, but I have been known to piss off rooms of otherwise good friends by asserting that our stubborn ritualistic preservation of classical music is actually unspoken nostalgia for the days of European (white) dominance over the rest of the free world.

Well, that is a really tainted and racist view. It must be tough living with that mindset. Do you also believe that a love of jazz is based on a desire for black dominance? Does a love a synthesizers and electronic music go back to supporting the alliance of Japan and Germany in WW2? Is this based on self deprecation, or a total lack of understanding of the history of music around the world? If you grew up in India or China would you have the same feelings about the historical music of those regions which is just as alive and popular there as classical is here?

I personally would not be pissed off. I don't waste my time arguing with ignorance.