I had a pass this year but didnt get there. I'm semi-local, just down the road in San Diegoy north county. but i was still rehabbing my back from a nasty disk bulge nerve episode and I had to fly out Saturday for a show in NoCal, I decided discretion demanded I rest up as much as I could before I leave.

I made it thru the show, actually playing keyboards live for an audience instead of staring at other people playing ones I won't have. my back started to tighten up the last couple songs, fortunate it was only a 1:45 show. got back to my room and iced it again - and no serious relapse - whew!

but next year - i'm there, damnit!

I really enjoy all of the posts from those that go - thank you all for your work relaying info back to KC. it is much appreciated by every one of us.

The baiting I do is purely for entertainment value. Please feel free to ignore it.