Maybe there's not very many there this year? I know I can't go any more, it's just too much. I can get a pass any time I want but man, three years ago it was so crowded, noisy, couldn't get to see things I wanted to see, the Kurz area had people lined up 10 deep and when I finally got to play one, the headphones sucked. I never got a chance to play the Hammonds, too many people. There was nowhere to sit to take a break. I had to slip into a manufacturers conference area and listen to the future of something I could care less about just to sit for a few minutes.

Oh yeah, and the parking, what a mess. At least Disnyland has the shuttles to pick you up and get you to the main entrance. And the waiting in line just to get up to the window, validate the pass and get into the place.

Not doing that again.


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