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RCF was showing a TT 08-A II that was in their booth. I tried to get details on price and what the changes were, but their booth was quite busy and I wasn't able to get anyone's attention...

I saw that too. Was talking to the RCF guy who seemed pretty knowledgeable about it, except he didn't know about pricing since that wasn't his area. That and the new TT10A II are both in final R&D stages and not on their site yet.

The 08 and 10 have a new amp module along with drivers. It's been totally revamped and the box re-tuned he said.

I asked how did it sound in comparison to the 08A and he said night and day. More presence and better dispersion.

I picked up both from the floor. The 08 seemed about the same weight as mine and the 10 was maybe 5 lbs. heavier give or take. Pretty certain the 10 was under 33 lbs. And it seemed maybe 2 inches at the most taller. Very compact for a 10" box.

Both had handles on the top ....yay !! And the textured finish looked way more durable then the old ones.

He said they should be available after the second quarter - meaning late Spring or early Summer. Don't know how much pricier these will be, but if you're looking to buy one, or a pair, I'd hold off to at least check pricing on them. They looked REALLY nice!


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