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[quote=nursers][quote=Mark Schmieder]The Radial rack should help out a lot of people, and is very different from any line mixers out there as that isn't quite what it is anyway.

Indeed though I'm uneducated enough to wonder how it's a lot better than the PreSonus gear. With them announcing the USB-C option now I can't see where the extra cost is in the KL-8 although the components may be better?

The Radial is a rack mount line mixer and the PreSonus is a audio interface for a computer kind of an apples and oranges comparison. The Radial is basically a high end mixer and that's it. The PreSonus is a mainly an Analog to Digital convertor to send to your audio to your computer in digital format.

The Radial KL-8 is also an Audio Interface which is great for people like me who use hardware and software on stage. [/quote]

I stand corrected, I thought the USB was just for laptop failover it is an interface as well. So a Swiss Army Knife audio tool cool. [/quote]

Indeed - so I probably need to do some manual diving on components because based on pure functionality (I won't need all the input or outputs both offer), it seems the PreSonus is heaps cheaper and still delivers what I want. We shall see :the:

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