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[quote=Mark Schmieder]The Radial rack should help out a lot of people, and is very different from any line mixers out there as that isn't quite what it is anyway.

Indeed though I'm uneducated enough to wonder how it's a lot better than the PreSonus gear. With them announcing the USB-C option now I can't see where the extra cost is in the KL-8 although the components may be better?

The Radial is a rack mount line mixer and the PreSonus is a audio interface for a computer kind of an apples and oranges comparison. The Radial is basically a high end mixer and that's it. The PreSonus is a mainly an Analog to Digital convertor to send to your audio to your computer in digital format.

The Radial KL-8 is also an Audio Interface which is great for people like me who use hardware and software on stage. [/quote]

I stand corrected, I thought the USB was just for laptop failover it is an interface as well. So a Swiss Army Knife audio tool cool.