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I talked to one of the reps at the USS booth and he said the new clamps are not compatible with the old columns.

Price will remain the same, $199.

That’s what I figured, and it just makes sense. Thanks.

Yep, I watched the video wrong. The old clamps will work on the new one, not the other way around. (The original APEX and current AX-40 clamps are interchangeable)

Looking at this close up I can now see how they did this for the new style. The column now has new tracks where the brand new clamps attach, while retaining the previous column's mounting tracks for older clamps.

Still a great idea. I could take one of my AX-40 clamps, that he's showing here, and add it to the new stand in the middle. Giving me 3 tiers with the top one angled.

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