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The word has more than one use as you can see by the several definitions. The one I quoted is sufficient to support Dexibells use of the word. If you or anyone else doesnt like it, too bad. Deal with it. It has unrestricted polyphony.

See definition number 1.


First of all, I think 320 is plenty; it looks like a nice board on first glance. Not in the market for anything new, so I have no dog in this race.

I understand how you are using the term and that is why I posted all the definitions. So under your definition, a 61 note keyboard with the ability to layer two sounds would be unlimited polyphony if it could play 122 notes at one time. So in that case, both could be called unlimited, but I would argue that the Dexibell has a clear advantage.

On the other hand, if that same keyboard got a firmware upgrade that allowed it to layer three sounds but the maximum simultaneous nodes remained at 122, then it would no longer be unlimited polyphony.

I get it. You are saying the term unlimited is true under definition 1. I am saying it is unhelpful in understanding the actual capabilities. Why not just say it has 320 and leave it at that?

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