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Yamaha Keytar!

Ive seen that form factor before. http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2017/09/19/yamaha-intros-vocaloid-vkb-100-singing-keytar-thing/

Yep, Yamaha re-purposed the VKB-100 Vocaloid keytar. The VKB-100 has 13 musical instrument patches in addition to the Vocaloid sounds. Yamaha reused the same hardware platform for the SHS-500 Sonogenic. They tossed away the Vocaloid stuff and add more instruments.

Ignoring the play-along aspect, it's like a polyphonic Reface ROMpler with the waveforms and effects taken from entry-level PSRs. Street price is $300 USD.

More thoughts, rambling and a list of instruments/drum kits at:


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