Nah... Dexibell is not from the Beverly Hillbillies.

Dexibell is actually Tinkerbell's little brother. Their uncle formed Dexi's Midnight Runners.

OK OK. I did play the Dexibell clonewheel organ awhile back and liked it very much. I didn't like the price. The single manual was priced at over two grand.... more like you might expect from Nord or something.

And I think it was a 73 note clonewheel...which was odd. At least I seem to remember

As a Viscount Legend Live owner I thought the CV on the Dexibell was very nice. Right in there with Key B and Crumar.

Interesting to hear that they might have a good stage piano with Wurli etc. It is very uncommon to encounter these in the states however. Sam Ash Hollywood was the only place I have ever seen a Dexibell anything.