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Attended NAMM today with the intention of scoping out my next digital piano and organ.

On the organ front, very impressed with Hammonds XK5. Multi contacts are a winner, and given a standing weekly church organ gig, the pipe organ stops in the current firmware would be a welcome addition for practice. They had a couple models on disply that I think they called the ProB3 or something alng those lines - looked like the prior XK3 series built into vintage Hammond cases and painted black, one was a standard wooden style case, the other modeled to look like a cut down style version. Perhaps a way of cleaning out remaining XK3 inventory?

Tried the Legend also, but thought the upper manual just seemed a bit more distant and required a slightly longwr arm reach. Something about the ergonomics on that board didnít sit right with me. In the same area, was really impressed with the Viscount Cantorum Duo organ. That would sure be nice as a practice pipe organ at home, and were it not for rock band duties, might displace the highly likely imminent XK5 purchase.

On the piano front, the Dexibell S7 Pro was very impressive. To me, the best piano emulation Iíve come across. The Wurli also had a nice organic feel to it. Every alternative I previewed today, Nord, Roland, Yamaha, Korg - just fell flat in comparison, some very significantly falling short. Key bed felt very nice, I recall this one having an ivory keyboard feel (though the Sweetwater posting Iím reviewing this evening doesnít mention this feature). In any event, was blown away with the Dexibell offering - just fantastic.

So walked away having identified two items for the purchase list, just needing to decide on the specific Dexibell model, and for the time being, single or double manual XK5 (with the latter, a bit concerned about transportability and weight as I understand the double manual XK5 stays bolted together, and I wonder how my back will feel lugging the extra weight).

Maybe you can get the Dexibell S9 for the piano and drawbar organ and the Viscount for the pipe organ sounds.

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I was there. I even took bunch of pictures from Dexibell keyboards. Since I'm not familiar with their products, I didn't know which was old and which one was new.

I tried SWAM instruments for the first time. They sound awesome! I had never played them before, and I was able to adapt in no time. I'm totally buying them soon!

Iím not familiar SWAM. Iíve been trying to find them.

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