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Please tell me about the Shakes and Swells on E/W Pop Brass.
Quantum Leap Brass was my fav for Gigastudio 20 years ago but I use the top 4 Instruments for Kontakt, Ive got everything I want except the Shakes.

I want that What Comes Up Must Go Down Shake from Blood Sweat and Tears.
BBB CHein Warp IV NI Session...killer Baritones, Sax Sections, top shelf artics and brass except for all 4 have shitty Shakes.
I get better Shakes using stacked triangle waves on my Code 8.

I know what you mean! I didn't try all presets, but by far,these are the best sounding swells, and shakes for 'pop and jazz' EW has ever produced. It sounds very different from their darker orchestral libraries. Again, I can't comment on the whole package, as I didn't get to try everything. That place is so noisy that you can't really hear the details.

I spent more time with 'Voices of Soul'. It has very nice legato transitions from one note(s) to another. A very smooth sounding library for this particular style.

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