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I was there. I even took bunch of pictures from Dexibell keyboards. Since I'm not familiar with their products, I didn't know which was old and which one was new.

I got to try EW Opera, pop brass, and soul voices. They're really good!

Pianoteq had a small midi controller for people to try out the product. Why!!!

A lot of new Chinese and Taiwanese companies with products I've never heard of.

Omnisphere 2.6 is simply awesome! They had a ton of synths and keyboards hooked up to their computers.

I found the booth for NI but it was per "Invite only". Not sure if they have another booth for less fortunate people!

I tried SWAM instruments for the first time. They sound awesome! I had never played them before, and I was able to adapt in no time. I'm totally buying them soon!

I did not like the paint job on the red Kronos! I mean it's a wonderful instrument, but the color looks so strange in person. It could be the lighting too.

I can't feel my feet!

Please tell me about the Shakes and Swells on E/W Pop Brass.
Quantum Leap Brass was my fav for Gigastudio 20 years ago but I use the top 4 Instruments for Kontakt, Ive got everything I want except the Shakes.

I want that What Comes Up Must Go Down Shake from Blood Sweat and Tears.
BBB CHein Warp IV NI Session...killer Baritones, Sax Sections, top shelf artics and brass except for all 4 have shitty Shakes.
I get better Shakes using stacked triangle waves on my Code 8.

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