I was there. I even took bunch of pictures from Dexibell keyboards. Since I'm not familiar with their products, I didn't know which was old and which one was new.

I got to try EW Opera, pop brass, and soul voices. They're really good!

Pianoteq had a small midi controller for people to try out the product. Why!!!

A lot of new Chinese and Taiwanese companies with products I've never heard of.

Omnisphere 2.6 is simply awesome! They had a ton of synths and keyboards hooked up to their computers.

I found the booth for NI but it was per "Invite only". Not sure if they have another booth for less fortunate people!

I tried SWAM instruments for the first time. They sound awesome! I had never played them before, and I was able to adapt in no time. I'm totally buying them soon!

I did not like the paint job on the red Kronos! I mean it's a wonderful instrument, but the color looks so strange in person. It could be the lighting too.

I can't feel my feet!

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