My first impression after a few hours on the floor: ukuleles are a growth market.

I really dug the Yamaha CPs. Its brilliant how they have the split and octave buttons adjacent in each section, so creating splits on the fly is super easy and quick. Bravo!
The 88 action feels a little nicer, but the 73 is good enough for it to not really matter (to me, that is).
My only critique would be the fact that the reverb seems to be global only, as far as I could tell.

I have never been a Yamaha guy, but at this point I reckon a CP with a Montage is the best rig money can buy (with an SKX for organ duties).

The Krome EX, I had a hard time telling the difference; there are new patches, of course, but by and large, it doesnt seem like a major update. Still, I want to check it out more thoroughly in a different place (the headphones Korg had hooked up could barely cut through the ambient noise). The action does feel a little better, closer to the FA-07 and MODX7. None of them feel great, all are pretty short-throw, but I guess that is par for the course in the class now, and at least it is serviceable for top-tier duties.

Biggest and most unexpected news for me was the brandnew Dynaudio Core series speakers. They are a class above the LYD series, starting a $2000 each for the 6.

Gig Performer 3s new setlist feature is a very welcome addition to an already brilliant piece of software. They also offer Ableton link, which is great but not somehing Id use at this time.