The Kurzweil Forte v4 update announced this morning is looking intriguing. I can’t wait to see more details, but so far:

The 6-op FM appears to be implemented as a 2-block DSP algorithm, which suggests that it can be chained with everything else VAST has to offer. Filters, shapers, etc. It has it’s own DSP-based envelope generators and LFO so they’re not subject to the usual limitations and can reportedly be as snappy as you’d expect from an FM synth. All very welcome and intriguing.

The 16-track CC step sequencer looks well implemented with all the expected clock synchronization goodies. It should complement the existing arpeggiator nicely.

There’s a new “Boxcar” 1-block DSP operator that takes two inputs. I’ve seen no details other than a single screen shot showing the FM routed both through and around a SW+SHP block, with the two outputs feeding the new BOXCAR block. Details are presumably forthcoming.

Oh, and the FM operator is listed as a “+” block, suggesting that it can be trivially blended with samples or other DSP oscillators while preserving 128-note polyphony (at least for simple chains.)

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