Steinberg does an NI Komplete type bundle.

"Absolute 4, which they describe as an impressive collection of standalone or plug-in instruments for VST, AU, and AAX hosts."

"Absolute 4 is a celebration of the best synthesizers and workstations that Steinberg has to offer, unleashing infinite creative possibilities with 10 state-of-the-art instruments alongside thousands of presets and samples. Spanning more than 100 GB of first-class sounds, Absolute 4 lays the foundation for some of the finest software instruments available today. With HALion 6, Absolute includes an extremely powerful sampling and sound creation instrument hailed by discerning sound designers and producers. At its side stand HALion Sonic 3, the brand-new Groove Agent 5 virtual drummer, The Grand 3 with its many beautifully crafted piano emulations, and the granular synthesizer, Padshop Pro 2, as well as the classic virtual analog synthesizer, Retrologue 2. And the list just goes on: Prime Cuts and Rock Essentials Style expansion sets for Groove Agent, Granular Guitars for Padshop Pro, Dark Planet, Hypnotic Dance, Triebwerk and more are readily available to add even more content to the massive arsenal of sounds.

Key features

More than 100 GB of sounds and virtual instruments
NEW! Groove Agent 5: The very best in electronic and acoustic drums
NEW! Granular Guitars expansion for Padshop Pro
NEW! Prime Cuts expansion for Groove Agent
NEW! Rock Essentials Style Expansion for Groove Agent
NEW! AAX support for all plug-ins
NEW! HiDPI support for all plug-ins
HALion 6: Ground-breaking virtual sampling and sound design system
Build your own instruments with the Macro Page Designer in HALion
High-end synthesizers the likes of Retrologue 2 and Padshop Pro"

499 Euros

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