A piano teacher once told me a story: he was playing a gig as a dep for a jazz quartet. During their warm up set when it was quiet he messed around with the Roland scat sound for a laugh. The band members seemed to like it. Right before they were due to play their next, main set, a regular at the jazz club came up to him and said "I don't like your voices."

He assumed the guy meant "voicings" (as in chord voicings) and started to panic, thinking his style wasn't gelling with the rest of the band, and they were just being too polite to say anything.

He pondered on it for half the set and self-consciously stumbled along trying to phrase his chords differently, until he realised the guy was talking about the Roland scat voices. He relaxed after that and went back to playing how he wanted. Never used the scat voices live again.

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