My take: A ventilator is a device that moves air in order to ventilate. A leslie is a device that rotates like a fan and also moves air, though it's primary purpose is to move sound. The movement of air by the motion of the Leslie does in fact act as a form of ventilation, and is analogous to the movement of air by a hospital "ventilator", which I happen to be very familiar with. So to call something that simulates a form of ventilation as "Ventilator" makes sense to me. I think.
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Resuscitate wins.

That would require a Ventilator.

That product name didn't fit for me. Was the inventor Mr Vent ? or Mr Ventil ?

or was the device name a typo for "Yentilator " ?
Possible copyright problem with that name.

I can see where " Resuscitator " for a name could cause some marketing doubt.

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