Orchestral Tools held an event in LA today with a number of major announcements. None of the products are available yet. Here are the highlights:

Orchestral Tools has created a free Orchestral Tools Sample Player, in conjunction with Axel Hartmann. Features include Auto Volume Scaling to enable legato transition and release samples to blend better, High Res Resampler, Mic Position Merging, Core Implemented Legato, and Advanced Articulation Management. Libraries will continue to be available in Kontakt format as well.

The new sample player will debut with the release of a free instrument called "Layers: Studio Ensembles," using small ensembles structured in layers of different kinds, such as mixed timbres and chords.

Customers will also have a wider choice in pricing structure with the availability of bundle pricing and la carte pricing for individual mic positions, instruments, and articulations.

In addition, Orchestral Tools announced Junkie XL Brass to be developed with composer Tom Holkenborg, who promises a larger than life sound. The company also announced LA Sessions: Songwriter Instruments, a collection of pop instruments recorded at United Recording, in Studio B. The instruments include Studio Strings, Electric Guitar, Gospel Choir, Acoustic Guitar, Drum Set, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and Electric Bass.

The event was live streamed here:

Junkie XL Brass:



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