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My Casio PX360 is 26 pounds and I am looking to get a lighter model with the new casios. A 73 key Casio with an aluminum base, onboard monitors, that weighs ~ 19 pounds would be awesome.

You might be interested in checking out the CDP-S350, although itís 88 keys, not 73. You can download the manuals for it from Casioís web site, although I donít think itís been officially unveiled yetó any day now, though!


Looks like no MIDI DIN ports, if that matters to you; and polyphony is a bit low for a digital pianoó 64 notes, 32 for certain tones. But it has a goodly number of tones, and responds to MIDI messages for Attack/Release, Cutoff/Resonance, Portamento, etc., so Iím definitely interested in giving it a hard look. smile

CDP-S350 video from Jeremy See showed up in my news feed. Not terrible.

Not sounding great in this video, Iím guessing Camera mic capturing the slim modelís onboard speakers. But very light at 24lbs (without batteries). I assume itís the same Casio action on PX-160 or no?

USB only no 5pin midi.

Two pedal jacks, not sure how useful:
Standard jack (Sustain, Sostenuto, Soft, Rhythmus)
Proprietary jack (Sustain, Sostenuto, Soft)

But they did include a pitch bend wheel!

Could be nice small and light weight controller.

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