At this year's NAMM show, Deskew Technologies will be debuting Version 3 of Gig Performer, their VST/VST3/AU live performance plug-in host for Mac and Windows systems.

At the Anaheim Convention Center, January 24-27, live demonstrations of Gig Performer 3.0 will be presented at Ilio (ACC Hall A, booth #11910) and TASCAM (ACC North Hall #18910). Gig Performer 3 adds a bevy of powerful new capabilities, especially to the program's control features.

Gig Performer 3 supports set lists consisting of songs along with song parts that can be accessed directly from controllers or MIDI pedalboards. Song parts allow rackspaces to be reused. For example, a single rackspace containing an acoustic piano sound can be reused to cover 10 songs needing piano.

Gig Performer 3 adds support for the Chord Pro lead sheet format. This allows Chord Pro documents to be created, edited, and linked to songs in a setlist so a chords-and-lyrics chart can be opened when a song is selected.

Remote access has been enhanced significantly to support songs and parts from your iPad or Android device running Lemur. Bidirectional MIDI support for widgets facilitates the use of MIDI control surfaces.

Version 3 also introduces the ability to synchronize Gig Performer with other applications on a wireless network, using Ableton Link.

Numerous other functions and workflow enhancements are included in Gig Performer 3. Gig Performer 3 will be available on January 24th, 2019 and upgrade pricing will be provided shortly.