I have been seriously hoping for years that Casio will finally make a digital piano that I will want to support.

I am NOT going to be able to make it to NAMM this year - no one took me up on my offer of to and from cartage from LAX to Anaheim in exchange for a pass. Your loss.

Back to Casio. The new Yamaha P- 515 is going to give it some SERIOUS competition, at least in the amplified digital piano category. I hope they are up to the challenge.

The P 515 has five or six very good digital piano samples including CFX and Bosendorfer. Not to mention - finally - some very good Rhodes and Wurli samples.

The internal amplification system gets up and SPEAKS. Add a subwoofer to this and the output competes with a grand piano. It may be possible to gig this and not have to bring any more than a small subwoofer - for solo gigs and jazz trio etc. at least.

Price point is 1500 dollars, so at a 10 to 15 percent sale, roughly 1300 - 1350

So I am hoping Casio is up to this.