And I suspect it's going to be a long thread. As practical as a CP, leaning toward the vibe of the SV-1 and paying attention to why some choose Nord. But with Yamaha made actions and sounds.

CP88 - $2499.99
CP73 - $1999.99

A stage piano that sounds great and feels great is important to every pianist and keyboardist. The modern keyboard player also needs to bring studio production elements to the stage. This makes access to key sound shaping controls an equally important part of the instrument. Over the past several months I've been playing the new CP88 and just finished a long session with the CP73. It has been a great experience because all the aforementioned attributes of great sound, great feel and great UI have been met! There is something about playing an instrument that looks really good too, and the CP88 and CP73 just look cool. If you've ever owned something that you sometimes look at it and think "wow - that is so cool". That is what it's like for me and the new CP!

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Here is a quick summary of what's new:
Direct Sound Control
Authentic Grand, Upright and Electric Pianos
Two Actions for Two Types of Players
CP88: New 88-key Graded Hammer, Natural Wood Action with Synthetic Ivory and Ebony Keytops and GH3 Triple Sensor
CP73: New 73-key Balanced Hammer Action
Sound Expandability
Cool Design
Comprehensive Connectivity
Soundmondo Compatibility
Comprehensive 4-Zone MIDI Controller
Cool Cases

Everything you want to know about the UI and action:

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