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... Strymons are just incredible sounding units for synths ... using SpaceF Router & Bus Mixer ...

What´s so special w/ the SpaceF mixers in SCOPE,- except they are modular design ?
Are they urgently necessary for outboard FX integration into SCOPE and using AD/DA ?

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Notice how I stick them in between the router and mixer, using FireWire Insert Modules.

You mean XITE´s Z-Link bus you use for AD/DA,- no ?

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I might stick in on the dry channel since it’s not really necessary.

Yes, I wondered why there´s the "dry channel" at all.
The Strymons offer "true" hardware bypass AFAIK.

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Just a rack of FX MIDI Controlled where you send whatever audio you want anywhere in real time.

That´s very flexible,- provided that there´s SCOPE/XITE in the ballpark.

I guess, you and me, we´re the only forumites using it.

But instead using several stompbox-type FX boxes, I´d wish Strymon came up w/ a 1HU rack unit combining at least Mobious, Volante and BigSky, offering dedicated audio I/Os, MIDI trio and USB.

I can dream ...