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There’s also that T-Rex replicator which has a certain tone and vibe to it. Although this Strymon looks a lot more useful.

Well, not everyone liked the T-Rex Replicator.
Meanwhile, the company achieved the right to bear the "Binson Echorec" name, work(ed) on a replica of the real deal and announced @NAMM 2017 already.

I owned the Binson Echorec PE 603 TU
When I sold it for cheap, I had no chance to get it serviced or repaired anymore.

These were very special sounding machines and not comparable to tape echo/delay.

Anyway,- I´m not interested to get a 1:1 mechanical replica of that machine.
Modern technology is o.k. for me when reliable built,- and it seems Strymon did everything I want and combine w/ 2 different tape echo modes, spring reverb and looper.
For me, that´s 5 machines in one box I can use w/ any mono- or stereo- output single instrument, in any FX loop or as an Aux-FX device.

More history on Echorec and available clones HERE