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... Strymons ... Timeline has this algorithm and a few options.

I want the drum- and the tape-echo variants plus looper,- and because I dont own any Strymon up to now,- this new toy might be the only one Ill buy.

Mobious is a interesting box too, no question, but for the time being I still have rackmount analog stereo chorus flangers (and some reverbs/multiFX as well).

I guess the Strymon Volante will cost EUR 499,- @Thoman,- at least cheaper than vintage Roland and Korg echos, chorus and spring reverbs.


I listened to all of the demos and conclude I might get it just because Strymons are just incredible sounding units for synths.
Guitars sound OK but using SpaceF Router and Bus Mixer your keys become the effect. Its really surprising how well these work live too.

Notice how I stick them in between the router and mixer, using FireWire Insert Modules.
This means 100% wet reverse loops are really what they say they are.
You play 4 beats ahead and join in the fun, or play above the reverse loops.
Sick shit no doubt.

I might stick in on the dry channel since its not really necessary.
Just a rack of FX MIDI Controlled where you send whatever audio you want anywhere in real time.

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