Not to take away from Strymons incredible quality and proper impedence for Dual TS, but Timeline has this algorithm and a few options.
Its not as souped up as this Pedal but it does far more in terms of variety

Same for Mobius too. Leslies, phasers, chorused, pitch shift, vibratos, pattern flanges, etc,etc.
I bought the Deco, Mobius, Timeline and Big Sky.
Keyboard guys only need Mobius and Timelie.
Timeline gets killer Tape Reverbs, etc.

Youll notice no glitching on Strymon FX when modulating time on delays, or modulstupion fox, and you can alter size and decay with no zippers.
Thats impressive and make for great ducking effects and reverse Algol full wet are from lower the Hell.
Even the looper live from buttons on my K4 is just fantastic.

Dont let me dust your buzz about the Strymon, but I would have appreciated if someone told me Timeline can do Big Sky, or Mobius can Dual Deco.

Magnus C350 + FMR RNP + Realistic Unisphere Mic