It's too bad no one ever corrected the original title of this thread, as it complicates finding it in a search.

I am hoping to do some more in-depth shoot-outs vs. actual organ hardware in the coming weeks.

Much to my surprise, the latest update to Arturia's own B-3 modeling engine actually sounds musical now, so I may have to pick three of my personal patches (in a wide range of parameters) for a three-way shoot-out at this point.

What surprised me most in the new Arturia update (just a few weeks back) is that the percussion sound now seems to me the most realistic of any of the emulations. But I wasn't comparing apples to apples.

The tricky part is going to be to do a realistic shoot-out for both the raw sounds and the downstream effect of applying Leslie, chorus, vibrato, etc. I don't know if I can afford that time, and the answer might be different for real-time playability and inspiration vs. re-rendering recorded MIDI from earlier sessions.

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