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How on EARTH do these kids get this good this young?? This kid, Joey Alexander, on and on.... I watched a YouTube vid of a THREE year old kid ripping some classical music the other day....what's stunning to me with the jazz kids is their very advanced grasp of the vocabulary at such a young age, just amazing....kind of blows the "10,000 hour" theory to smithereens, doesn't it?

One thing I noticed with Justin is how he interacts with the rest of the band. Giving and receiving cues when they were changing passages, and such. He's locked in with the drummer on that one I posted.
I also appreciated the dynamics shown by him. When to comp, and when to stretch.

As Kevin Whalum said, we've all seen the prodigies. While they are technically outstanding, a lot of them look like robots.

This kid looks like he is "in" the music, not just being a lifeless machine.

That duet with he did Bob James blew me away.

I In reference to the Cory Henry clip I posted, I think Cory sees a lot of himself in Justin.

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