I found the following message from Acoustic Samples in my inbox this morning:

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The B-5 v2.2 is out!

We just released the Version 2.2 of the B-5 Organ, it has a few new features and optimizations that are listed below. If you already own it, the steps to get it are explained at the bottom of this email.

CPU optimization
When we released the version 2, the CPU took a hit because of the very detailed features we added (Leslie, tube saturation, loudness robbing, voltage stealing, etc...) These features are still here but we optimized every bit of them as much as we could and it is now even more efficient than the V1.

A new swell pedal model
We knew from the start that the swell pedal wasn't just a volume change, but our model was just a little off. So we went back and recorded a few things and now have a very precise behaviour that allows for the bass to stick even if the pedal is all the way down just like on real organs.

More precise Clicks
We changed the way the voices are handled which allows us to be much more precise in how the clicks are triggered and they are now more in sync with the tonewheel voices.

More precise Percussion
For the same reason as for the clicks, the percussions are now also more precise resulting in an overall more responsive instrument.

Hammond SK and XK support
Thanks to the guys at UVI, we are now able to support the RPN and NRPN MIDI messages sent by the hammond XK and SK series. We asked a few of our users to help send some MIDI data and with their precious help (thanks again guys btw), we were able to pre-map all of these models. They can now be used without the use of third party MIDI softwares and everything will work straight out of the box (using the corresponding preset in the MIDI preferences).

A refined Pedalboard simulation
The pedalboard might not be used by all organ players, but the ones that do need it to be spot on! So we took another look at how it works and sounds and it is now almost indistinguishable from the real one.

Here is a quick video of our friend Phil Curry having some fun playing "Gospel Train" on his Hammond SK2.

If you already own the B-5, then this "update" is FREE, here are the steps to get it:

1- Log into your account and download the new file from the download page (the file B-5-Organ-v2.2-EDC.rar)
2- Update UVI Workstation or Falcon to the latest version.

If you don't already have it, the B-5 Organ V2 is still at the same price (99 / $109) and you can learn more about it and get it from here: www.acousticsamples.net/B5

More here:

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