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AcousticSamples has posted a new version of B-5 that is a bit easier on the CPU. The file is dated in late June.

I have been tracking organ parts at home in Cubase and rehearsing/performing with B-5 over the last few weeks, and it sounds/feels fantastic! I have been controlling it with both a Hamichord M-C3 and a Numa Organ 2. The preset MIDI maps for these controllers do require a bit of tweaking, but they are an excellent starting point. All of my presets use the C3 model that everyone seems to prefer, coupled with the 122B Leslie model on High quality.

I had no idea there was an update till I read this. Is there any information on what was updated. I also like the C3 but I use the LOG rotary, whatever that is. Very impressed with the version 2. Thought I would never turn away from VB3, but think this one will do it.