I listened to most of the online demos and I didn't hear 888000000, scanner vibrato on C3, Leslie slow or off, and sustaining one note.

I too struggled to find this fundamental Hammond setting, and was unable to find a sound example of it! I bought B-5 regardless.

There is a lot of fun to be had with this simulation! I prefer a "brighter" sounding organ, and there are EQ tweaks avail in the speaker EQ section.

I think the Chorus/Vibrato "3" played without Leslie is fantastic...there is virtually nothing that separates it the real Hammonds I have known. When played through the Leslie simulation, it sounds a bit different to me. I get the impression there is possibly some amplitude vibrato as opposed to only pitch vibrato? Also, on a couple of chords I have played, there is the impression there is trilling going on. That is to say, possibly one note is at a different point in the vibrato C/V circuit?

Not sure if I am imagining it, and I have not exhausted all the different Rotary Cab simulations yet. There is a lot included!

C/V is the most important part of the Hammond sound for me, so I have to admit I am hard to please and, perhaps, overly focused on this point. All in all, very pleased with the purchase, and even more so with the update. It addresses some very key points.

Electro 5, NI Kontrol S61/49, MX49, PC3, Mopho Keys, Mopho X4, Sequential Pro3, SE02, drums, tons of synth software, guitars, amps, and pedals...help me!!