Yeah, I was using the other way of loading presets, which only changes drawbars. I missed the previous page of this post due to ignoring it on account of the topic title not seeming relevant to me. Thanks for clearing up that it WAS briefly called "B-0" -- I thought someone had simply revived a zombie thread for a dead product.

Tonight I bought UVI Rotary finally, as I stupidly forgot to apply a soon-to-expire credit when doing another super-late-night purchase the night before for the iZotope RX6 Advanced update. I already own PSP L'otary, but my impression so far is that this one is a bit better for organ while PSP's is perhaps better for guitar.

It will be interesting to compare the UVI impulses to the ones used in the B-5 update. No energy for that; I'm only still up because the VSL Synchron Percussion download and install is requiring frequent intervention due to its size.

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