Hi Arnaud,

I am much impressed with the new V2 version of the B5 library. The new version now definitely beats GSI's VB3 which still had the edge. The organ itself is much more detailed and capable of much more tones - from Jazz to ballsy Prog Rock - then the VB3 and the new Leslie is a miracle - absolutely the best available at this moment. Especially the 122a model is very, very realistic.
Because the Leslie is so great, I wonder if it might be possible to make it available as a separate VST effect - so without the organ. I would love to be able to run the organ into a distortion effect like so many great players from the seventies used to do, and then place the Leslie afterwards.
I can recreated this sound now only using the MeldaProductions Vintage Rotary effect which was the best VST Leslie up to now. It would be so great if one could use the new Leslie you and UVI developed instead... Could you work something out with UVI?
All the best and thanks for a great - and free! - update.