I keep getting confused by the topic title and forget to open it. Was it called "B-0" when it first came out? I can't remember.

I was a bit annoyed that I had to update UVI Workstation to use the update, but that there isn't an update for Falcon yet that is compatible, as I prefer to exclusively use Falcon now vs. UVI Workstation or MOTU MachFive v3 (which I bought first).

This update is a HUGE improvement, but I haven't compared to my XK-1c yet as I prefer a waterfall semi-weighted keybed when doing organ parts and having everything be self-contained. But I might re-track some older stuff and compare.

I didn't like the presets though, and they seemed same-same in spite of their names indicating extreme differences. I may have done something wrong and not actually successfully selected the presets, whether for upper or lower manual.

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