Well you haven't purchased much in the way of VI's recently. If that is your worst customer experience you have lead a very sheltered life.

Setting up account with an internet vendor like Buzz is mandatory and it is where you have a permanent record of your purchases and your serials.

An account with the VI manufacturer also creates a permanent record of your serials and where you go to get updates as they are released.

ILok soft authorisation is a third party managed anti-piracy measure. Using it means the VI manufacturer doesn't have invest their own time in building a robust authentication system. Learn to love it cause more and more vendors are using it. For example Sound Radix moved to iLok from V2 of 32 Lives.

The Buzz stuff up with serial may be a doubling up of the same serial or the fact that Buzz's backend hasn't had chat with AS's backend yet to let it know that serial has been sold. Some licences I have bought have taken up to 24 hours from purchase to be activated.

My experience with 5 of the major VI retailers like Buzz in terms of response times and support has been, without exception, excellent.

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Hoping everyone stays safe and well and sees this through to the other side