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Reverb is before leslie because thats how the spring reverb is routed in a real hammond.

I understand that...but who wants to do that? It sounds plain weird. I think I recall one record where jimmy McGriff (or someone else) was using a Leslie with reverb and it sounded horrible. With the leslie on fast, it sounded like he was underwater! I would be interested to hear if anyone else has used reverb before a Leslie in Hammond recordings. Ethel Grumblinski and the Burlington Mormon choir doesn't count. smile

I'm sure there's some model Hammonds that have spring reverb, but only for using with on-board speakers. (Like L101, M3, A100, etc...)
Anyone using an A100 will have the Leslie running without any reverb going into it.

Please, give us spring reverb models when we want the Hammond without a rotating speaker, and a proper ambient hall/studio/plate after the Leslie when we want some space...

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