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Thanks for your help smile

I want to really give this B5 a good try to see if it's a fit for me. When I first got it, I thought, "Yeah baby!"
Then an hour later, I was, "Hmmm...not sure..."
I would love to find a virtual Hammond that does it all for "my ears". Everyone seems to have certain points they are particular about.

The UVI player host has excellent effects you can add after the B5 VST...I have been using an EQ to make it sound less-muffled, as well as some post-reverb. (Why Hammond VSTs often use reverb before the Leslie always baffles me! NI's vintage Organs, VB3, and this B5...)

The one thing that always stands out when using the B5 program is the Chorus/vibrato on C3. I use that C/V almost exclusively, but I feel like I am hearing some amplitude tremolo as well as the Chorus vibrato...does anyone else hear that?

It sounds off to me.

Muffled is the perfect word! I like B5 but, like you, I find there's something that I just cant put my finger on. I always come back to VB3. Also, I found that B5 taxed my CPU in Mainstage more than VB3. I know a lot of people prefer B5 so I'm always curious to hear other opinions.

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