The GUI resizes to full screen on my 15" laptop screen. To my eyes the GUI is legible and fonts are not tiny, compared to say some synths. Can't comment on how it works on a zoomable touch screen like a Surface.

I think there are 4 reasons devs and AS choose to use UVI.

1. I think it was AS that said UVI offers more advanced scripting options than Kontakt.
2. In the case of AS the rotary Sim was developed by UVI.
3. UVI's financial model for devs is better than NI's.
4. The copy protectipn arrangement with Pace is built-in to the UVI player so devs do not have worry about designing it or impementing it themselves. It is easier for them to let Pace clip the ticket each time their VI is authorised.

I have had no issues yet with Pace's software licensor. Yet to see how it works out when I next migrate to a new machine.

Nonetheless if there were similar VI's available and one used Pace and the other had its own authorisation process like say Pianoteq or U-He I would always choose the one that didn't use Pace.

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