As a young pensioner (74) I at last found the time to enjoy my Tyros3, now bought this B-5 App and the cheap, Chinese "World EasyControl 9" with Editor:
After hours of trial & error, I figured out that the controller's communication only works, when the B-3 organ App is off or cancelled in B-3 organ App's "MIDI Devices". I know little about assigning CC# and thus, encounter problems:
For instance, when I change the button from CC# 3 to CC#12 , save it and then in "Communication" click "Read Scene Data", then the chosen CC#12 automatically returns to CC#3 and ... so I got nowhere! - How to make it stay in the CC# I have chosen?
Maybe it is not possible to change the CC# to any CC# I like, because only certain CC# are designed for buttons, others for potentiometer knobs and sliders? This might be the reason this "World EasyControl 9" rejects certain CC# changes?
Please kick me in the right direction, for I seem tapping in the dark... Thanking you in advance for your expert advice.
Warm Regards, from Joh in St'go de Chile
Besides, I used to be a whistler-Muso: Here's one of the 1000 pieces to which I used twitter: