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I just recently (finally) picked up Grace for Drowning, I can't believe I waited so long, given how much I love Raven and Hand.

At the moment I am listening to the 2nd side of Suzanne Cianni's Buchla Concerts 1975. I'd ordered it on vinyl months ago, and when I got to work today, it was waiting for me! I'm not normally a vinyl fetishist, but this is only being released as a 180g pressing, no CD or download.

On first listen, I'm really digging it. So much of the (non-dance) music I hear produced on modulars lately falls into one of 2 camps: experimental atonal bleeps or Tangerine Dream-style endless sequencer loops. Not that there's anything wrong with either of those, mind you, I've been known to produce both. But what's cool about Cianni is the way she avoids those cliche, making music that is tonal and has harmonic/melodic interest and deals with some really interesting timbres as well.

Also, the LP includes a 9-page "Report to the National Endowment" paper, describing her approach with detailed patch diagrams, notation, and performance notes. I look forward to delving into this for inspiration.

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